Longer Lasting

Saves Money

Makes Sense


  • Behind a wood stove or on a commercial building, Forest Stone products can save you money.
  • Being lightweight(5 to 10 Lbs. per sq. ft.), there is no need for extra expensive structural support. Masons can install many more feet of cast stone per day than real rock, reducing labor costs.
  • Do-it-yourselfers save 50% or more over the cost of installing full thickness natural stone.
  • Once your stone is installed, there is no upkeep - just year after year of trouble free beauty. We use nature’s own colors - iron oxide - the mineral dyes which color real rock. Solid beauty and no maintenance
  • Adds Depth

    We are particularly proud that our extra rugged line of Drift stone has far more depth than any other cast stone we’ve seen. Our stones protrude up to 6 inches out from your walls, giving the true shadow play of real rock.

    Offers Size Variety

    In every line, our stone sizes vary from tiny to huge, so we can please the smallest fireplace customer or the largest commercial customer. We have plenty of small whole rocks to make your installation easier and your finished job more realistic and beautiful.

    Has Texture

    Every convolution, undercut, and grain of the original rock is reproduced in our products, from our subtly fissured slate to our deeply eroded Drift stone; we personally pick master stones with the most exciting shapes and textures. There is a BIG difference in this department between cast stones - - compare before you buy.

    Offers Custom Colors

    YES! We still do custom colors in an off the-rack world.

    Gives You CHOICE

    We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

    Has Less Repetition

    We literally have hundreds of different molds- Every tenth stone is not a repeat. And since every stone is individually colored, the "exact" rock doesn’t appear twice.

    Offers More

    Our products are manufactured and installed totally with noncombustible materials. Cast stone is an economical way to increase the value of your property, plus add weatherproofing, sound-deadening, fire resistance and insulating factors as well.

    The Bottom Line

    It lasts longer, saves you money, and simply makes more sense!